The following are included in all NFON licence options:

  • A UK telephone number (DID)
    We offer a new telephone number for all new extensions
  • Auto Attendant/IVR
    A system target that integrates Voice Recordings with DTMF1. For example: ‘Thank you for calling XYZ. Please Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts or please ‘hold’ to connect to the Operator’.
  • Call Flow through Groups
    A system target that offers the flow of an inbound call to a pre-determined sequence of ring group(s) and/or ring group members.
  • Call Flow through Queues
    A system target that offers the flow of an inbound call into a ‘queuing system’ whereby calls can be held until ready to be answered.
  • Voicemail and/or Voicemail to Email
    Voicemail is ‘delivered’ to an extension either by device notification or by email as a .wav or MP3 file – or both. A ‘device notification’ is typically a flashing light on a handset, and/or only one email address/extension is possible. Group and Queue voicemail available.
  • Call Forwarding
    The ability to redirect calls to another telephone/extension/pilot number for: All Calls (permanent call forward); Busy; Unanswered (on timeout); Network Failure (disaster recovery)
  • Call Filtering and Do Not Disturb
    The ability to recognise who is calling (CLIP) and answer, reject or deflect incoming calls or select a device to ‘not ring’ (DND).
  • Hot Desking
    The ability to log off and log on to ‘your’ extension on any ‘on-net’ device
  • Call Coaching & Monitoring
    The ability to listen in and contribute to a telephone call. Often used for staff training
  • CLIP/ Block CLIP
    The option to choose which identity to display when out-dialling.
  •  Personal User Web Portal (Ncontrol)
    Individual extension user control which will be covered in the next section
  • Free Inter-Site Calls (NFON/NFON)
    All on-net NFON to NFON calls are free of charge (wherever they are)
  •  Conference Bridge (up to 50 participants)
    A system target giving audio conference bridge for up to 50 participants
  • Web Management and Administration
    Web access to administer and control the telephone system, access to invoices and detailed call records
  • Company Phonebook/ Personal Phonebook
    Alpha Numeric access to a Company Phonebook and a personal phonebook
  • Business Continuity
    The facility to pre-programme re-routing of calls if the customer network is down due to internet or power failure.
  • Technical Support
    NFON offer 2nd line support which escalates through to 3rd and 4th line on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Time Control Services
    A system target that offers control of a telephone number(s) to follow different programming profiles on a time and date basis.