The administration portal is where YOUR tenancy of the NFON cloud telephone system begins. The Admin Portal is accessed through the general ‘my’-nfon gateway:

The administration portal is divided into four sections:

    The building blocks of any telephone system and generally linked to a handset/ device. Extensions can be created with individual permissions and features and deleted.
    A virtual facsimile for individual or central use, that sends faxes in PDF format and receives faxes as emails.
    Conference Service:
    Audio conference rooms can be created for up to 50 participants.
    Time Control Service:
    Time of day/month/year programming of the telephone system.
    Queue Service:
    A queue is typically when there is not enough staff to answer calls quickly enough. This service is where member options and answering profiles are programmed.
    Skill Service:
    Similar to queues, but a ‘skill’ factor can be applied to queue members/ agents/ staff that possess greater skills for different queue requirements
    Group Service:
    Incoming calls can be distributed to extensions in a given order and priority.
    IVR Service:
    A combination of either or both audio and DTMF interaction. i.e. Press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer services, etc.
    Management of ‘devices’ including handsets, softphones, Mobile Phone Apps, Conference phones, analogue adapters, etc.,
    Management of company profiles/ permissions and security (passwords, etc.)
    Site settings – addresses, time zones, etc.,
    Import/Export of Speed Dial, Extensions, Phonebook
    Phonebook /Directory
  • DID:
    Provides an overview of the telephone numbers, trunks and DDI’s that have been allocated/ ported onto YOUR cloud telephone system. It is here you can change the assignment of telephone numbers with extensions or services.