Nmonitoring/Call Management Information
Live and historic reporting and statistics on queues

Encryption/ SRTP
SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) offers call encryption

Ad Hoc Voice Recording
Press one or two buttons (depending on device) to start/ stop recording of a telephone conversation. The recording is  emailed in a .wav or MP3 file format.

Mobile Phone Integration
FMC (Fixed to Mobile Convergence) is a smartphone App that offers similar functionality to a desk phone.

Windows or MAC Softphone
A Softphone for computers which offers similar functionality to a desk phone.

A system target that integrates with an extension to ‘send’ faxes, and ‘receives’ faxes to one email address. Faxes must be sent in PDF format

Click-to-Dial Desktop Integration
Integration with computer software enables ‘Click-to-Dial’, Screen Popping and opening CRM Records.

Collaboration & Desktop Sharing
Nmeeting+: Enhancement of the conference bridge with screen sharing through a Client or Web URL for up to 25 participants.
Skype for Business: Integration of SfB as a device on an extension offering PBX functionality and MS collaboration.

Operator Console (VOP)
MS Windows based Operator Console offering comprehensive operator and management functions for processing calls

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
NFON TPS checks the dialled call (number) in “real time” against the Telephone Preference Service (both consumer (TPS) and corporate (CTPS) databases

Hospitality Solution
The communication solution for accommodation and managed services industries

Permanent Call Recording
Permanent Call Recording of all extensions that have subscribed.