Ncontrol enables the individual extension user the ability to customise some of the programmable features of their extension without the need for configuration change by an Administrator. Access to Ncontrol is a ‘permission’ in the Admin Portal.

If permitted, Ncontrol is accessed with the account number and the extension credentials (extension number and password).

Ncontrol offers visibility of PROCESS which consists of recent Call History: all calls made and received, missed calls, voicemails and eFaxes. This offers the user the ability to call back (click-to-dial), to forward the call record (email) or add entry into personal contacts directory; to view faxes and to play, forward or delete voicemails.

Ncontrol offers visibility of CONTACTS – company phonebook, personal phonebook – with click-to-dial, and also the ability to add to personal phonebook directory.

Ncontrol offers the ability to ‘manage’ a CONFERENCE as Administrator – the ability to invite people into a conference, to lock the conference, to mute and deafen conference members, to dismiss conference members and to end the conference. In addition, it offers the ability to ‘screen share’ up to 25 conference members with a whiteboard facility – called Nmeeting+

Access to eFAX is through Ncontrol.

Through SETTINGS, the user may select: primary device, language, timeout for automatic call, length for suggested telephone number, Caller ID, Intercom, Ring tone (internal/external), voicemail/ hot desking password change, voicemail to email, delete after sending, linking extensions, Call Forwarding options: permanent call forward, call forward Busy, call forward no answer and call forward not registered; Queues – logging in and/or out of queues, creating profiles for call forwarding and queue membership, function keys (programmable handset buttons), eFax subscription, search and click-to-dial’.

For more detail, please see NCONTROL in ‘USER GUIDE’ tab.